We have just supplied the first two 160kw 10 Pole 400v Electric Motors which comes fitted with Heaters, PT100’s in the bearings and winding’s, and is VSD compatible. These motors will be mounted with the shaft vertically down and will be used in a sewage pump station in Cape Town. Once again, Motorelli is playing a major role in the Water and Waste industry in Cape Town, tackling most Cape Town’s Large projects. We specialize in providing unique Electric Motors to any of Cape town’s Water and waste needs, and have proved ourselves over and over again that we are the right brand for the job!

At Motorelli we strive to exceed your expectations by providing Quality Motors at Exceptional Prices with excellent After sales Back-up Services!

These Large motors, running at a speed of 595 r/min and over 2500Nm of torque, with additional ventilation via a forced cooling fan, will be playing an important role in the processing of Cape Town’s waste water.

Motorelli Electric Motors is a well-known Electric Motor supplier to the waste water industry, and this is just one example of an exotic speed Electric Motor that we have supplied to the industry.

We offer a Quality Product, Excellent Service, complete After Sales Back-up and Stock Availability – all at an Excellent Price!



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