Motorelli Electric Motors continues to play a pivotal role in the water and sewage industry. We supplied three 185kw High Efficiency IE3 electric motors which will be used in the new PaT (Pump as Turbine) system designed and installed by Hidro-Tech Systems, being the first of its kind, as far as we know, in South Africa!

During summer the pump station is utilized to transfer water between two large reservoirs and during winter, water is reversed through the pumps utilizing the Motorelli Electric Motors as turbines to generate power. This is a First for Motorelli and can be branded as South Africa’s first so called “Green Pump Station”.

Our Electric motors are the driving force behind most of South Africa’s water and sewage plants, with another satisfied customer using the Motorelli brand. We cater to all Electric Motor needs and requirements with our Excellent Service, Quality Products and Outstanding Prices. Visit our website or any of our branches throughout South Africa today!

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