Medium-Voltage Variable Speed Drives


  • Ratings from 200kw to 10Mw available
  • Ratings from 3.3kv to 11kv
  • THD below 2%
  • PF above 97%
  • Efficiency above 96%
  • Complies to IEC, LVD, EMC and CE standards
  • Multiple Functionality



  • 2-year factory warranty
  • Control mode: Open loop Vector & SVPWM Control
  • Compatible with Synchronous or Asynchronous motors
  • Auto-tuning capability
  • Magnetic flux braking
  • Low harmonic design with Dry type phase shift transformer
  • Various bypass options – manual or automatic
  • Reactor Cabinets available for extreme cable length between VSD and Motor
  • Compatible with many different types of applications includes mills, pumps, crushers, fans, conveyers etc
  • Various types of communication available
  • 10 ” INVT HMI screen with data logger and fault recognition
  • Power cells – modular design and each unit interchangeable
  • Perfect sine wave output current
  • Comprehensive motor protection functions
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • 24/7 technical support and on-site installation assistance

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