Motorelli Electric Motors delivers again!

We have just supplied the first two 160kw 10 Pole 400v Electric Motors which comes fitted with Heaters, PT100’s in the bearings and winding's, and is VSD compatible. These motors will be mounted with the shaft vertically down and will be used…

Regeneration IE3 Motorelli Electric Motors

Motorelli Electric Motors continues to play a pivotal role in the water and sewage industry. We supplied three 185kw High Efficiency IE3 electric motors which will be used in the new PaT (Pump as Turbine) system designed and installed by Hidro-Tech…

Motorelli Electric Motors have just supplied a 1250Kw 6600v 8 Pole Electric Motor to a very satisfied customer!

At Motorelli we strive to exceed your expectations by providing Quality Motors at Exceptional Prices with excellent Back-Up Services! The motor will be running a Crushing Mill, that will be used in the Brits area for the mining industry. Motorelli…
Testing of 450KW motor

Testing of 450KW Motor

Testing of 450KW 8 Pole 550V Motor at Factory for Mine Mill Application
Motorelli Winch